Ya'll go ahead with your vogueing and hittin' your dabs! I'm gonna do this!

Chicago footwork/Juke isn't new to the scene - but I just discovered that we, mere mortals (not from the streets of Chicago) can take lessons! What now? You mean I can go take lessons from King Charles in LA and make  a fool of myself? Sign me up! 

I'm always looking for ways to work my body and stretch my brain. This will do just fine! In a previous life (in the ahem 90's) I even dabbled in house dancing, so maybe those muscles will kick in. 

A fascinating aspect to this dance style is that the kids in Chicago who are part of  this scene, "lab" with local DJs to compose music specifically for their moves. That's F'ing spectacular. Collaborative.  

Check out this "how-to" using the term loosely, because even the basic steps are not so basic... to get a taste for the madness I'm going to be doing! 

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