Guys! I just had (what I think) is the best idea, piggy-backing on the "new year new mantra" post. How about wearing our favorite things? In every day, normal life. I'm not talking about your favorite jeans or t-shirt. I'm talking about your precious things.

If you already do this, bless your heart!

If you're like most people who "save things for another occasion" or "don't want to ruin your precious item, so you pack it away for another day that never comes" I'm talking to you.

It's time to wear your stuff. WEAR IT. Enjoy it. Today. While you can. Made the decision for myself when I took my favorite coat of all time to NYC.

What you see here is a tweed jacket, with a phenomenal mix of grey, black and green fibers AND matte grey and gold sequins. WHAT. IN. THE. WORLD. Is going on?! Really?


It is both masculine and feminine. Picks up light without being "sparkly" Intricate and sporty, daytime and nighttime, tough and celebratory. It is for me, E-VE-RY-THING.

My internal voice said, "Nessa, hang this piece of art in your closet and make sure nothing ever happens to it"  Then another part of me said "Hell to the nah! Enjoy that piece of art you call a jacket. Wear it as much as you can and don't worry for a second about it"

So, which voice are you going to listen to?

Wearing RTA jeans | Alexander Wang boots | Isabel Marant jacket and sweater