Surprise, NOT surprise... I'm wearing men's clothes. Not just men's clothes in my size, actual men's clothes in sizes too damned large to be worn by me, but that's the whole point of the look: OVERSIZED, slightly off. 

You might ask why I do this  - welp. It's because I appreciate the fabrics and details in men's clothing... 

If a garment is good and CAN be worked into a look - I say go for it. Wearing these men's shorts meant, wearing pieces that mirror it's dimensions. Hence, boxy men's sweatshirt and jacket.

The sweatshirt is also camo for the mayhem underneath...aka the large shorts! Belted.

Do they bulk up with the belt? Yes. Nothing a little Jooszhing can't fix. Pushing extra fabric to the sides. 

Toss the oversized jacket on for good measure.  Check the great details!

The only thing that isn't menswear. Three words that scare straight men to death: PONY. HAIR. MULES.