*Updated Post* MY HAIR WAS SO LONG?!?

Why don't I have a cream shoe? Does anyone? Wore this monochrome look to meetings and would have loved it if I were a head to toe creamsicle. Also, putting the previous post to work by wearing a vest!

STYLE NOTE: The dressy short... get into it. It really opens up the possibilities. Shorts don't HAVE to be causal all the time! Think about that the next time you're shopping for a skirt. Trrrrryyy the chic short!

Oh hey, someone got her hair did!

 These tuxedo shorts are a great break from the pant/skirt at night routine. And pairing it with this holey tee, made them wearable for day. 

As for the vest, always picking the item with interesting details, like the doubled fabric.

On Me

Wearing Iro tee | 3.1 Phillip Lim Tuxedo Shorts | Alice Roi vest | Balmain Heels last pair on sale!

Shop the look boo!