HERE we go: this sweatshirt does not fit me at all! (surprise, surprise, it's a men's sweatshirt)

Check out how the shoulder seam is way passed my actual shoulder. And what about that extra bunchy-ness at the sleeve? It's wrong. But for me, it's going to become a right!

Here's how I finagled it.

1) Make it inspiration: I'm taking the bunchy thing and making it "A THING" it's becoming the inspiration for the whole outfit!

2) Finding Balance: layered with a smart, crisp white button up, to balance everything over-sized. My hope is, it makes it look like I've "got it together" somewhere else! I'm tailored somewhere.

3) Two Wrongs Make a Right: to turn the bunchy thing into "A THING" I took these leather jogging pants, that actually fit me well and BUNCHED them into my shoes. Mirroring the folds at my wrists, with the folds at my ankles and knees.

@arrowtheheeler throwing major shade or loving the shoe choice?

See guys, it's just baggy day today!

Wearing Viktor & Rolf Men's Sweatshirt | Vince leather jogging pants H&M similar | Alexander Wang shirt and heels