In jacket land (my favorite land of all the lands) I see some edgy trends coming for the Fall. Yes, I know it's hot out and we're not thinking about it, but I'M thinking about it. So excited to say that a few of my favorite "trends" are still in the mix. 

Those things are: bombers, oversized jackets/coats and the teddy coat (as in looking like a teddy bear) 

Here are first looks on what I'm seeing. First, BOMBERS are still in the mix and they're getting upgraded for ALL occasions. They're getting dressier, more fashion-forward, and artsy, even! Thank you Jeebus. 

Bomber coat combo? Yup. How about "art lady chic"

Now for the "teddy" trend, which I feel a few designers dipped their baby toe into last year and now A LOT of fashion houses are showing it, so you can try the trend in any number of silhouettes. Although, I don't think anyone should do more than one. 

This Margiela jacket is REVERSIBLE! 

And finally it looks like wearing coats 2 sizes two big will still be (for me its forever) a thing to do this Fall. 

OK this one is RIDICULOUS, but I'm showing it just to make a point that we are GOING there. 

I realize some of these examples may not be your particular cup of tea, BUT have no fear, these trends will no doubt trickle down into the Zaras of the world in a way more wearable execution.

Let's keep our eye out!