Praise baby Jeebus (not a typo) finally a bag trend I can get behind. The truth is - I'm not a bag girl. Not even two percent. I'm the girl who carries a money clip and all her stuff in her pockets, like the original Yves Saint Laurent vision of a modern woman. 

I can appreciate the beauty of a good bag, but baby, that's about it. 

But NOW with the mini bag trend, PERHAPS there is hope to give my pockets a break. 

Here's a look at some styles I'm scoping and before you ask, YES these are expensive, so please take it as the inspiration it is and if you can afford the investment, good for you boo! 


A big ol' YES goes to Simon Miller and this lovely mini baby bag. FRESH! 


And now to 3.1 Phillip Lim with a belted mini. Too much like a fanny pack? Perfect I say! 

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She's cute on the body right? OH YEAH, OH YEAH! 

Charlotte Olympia giving it a go... PS - this is just squeezing into the mini bag category as far as I'm concerned. 

Jerome Dreyfuss with the boho vibes. 

Please ignore this lack luster outfit... -_- 

Mark Cross reminding us not to take things too seriously with this one: 

Olympia Le Tan with a sense of humor. LOVE.

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Manu Atelier bringing some structure to the mini bag scene: 

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