If you follow me on the 'gram - you know I just got back from a safari trip to Kruger National reserve in South Africa. The trip was amazing... in the bush, full out 4 days of game drives, hikes and tracking animals at the Arathusa Lodge. 

Here's a look at the trip: 

Two game drives per day. The first is at the CRACK of dawn, the other in the evening. Both in this bad ass open air Land Cruiser. Our ranger Ryan drives and our tracker Debeer sits on the seat in the very front watching for tracks. 

He points to the ground at the SLIGHTEST thing (and I say slightest) because the man would point at something that looked like a grain of rice imprinted in the sand and KNOW that a leopard was nearby.  He would also know which way said leopard went... and we would go and find it! #OKDEN.

In the first 24 hours we saw and I'm not kidding: 3 lioness, 2 male lions, 1 white rhino, 3 giraffe, 50 elephants, 10 zebra, a leopard and a handful of hyena. We'd be driving and then all of sudden...

A rhino. We'd follow for a bit. 

And then.... a LEOPARD! 

Then our ranger Ryan would say, we've been tracking a group of lionesses' in the area - let's see what they're up to. 

Sometimes we'd drive for 40 minutes straight and see nothing. Just when your brain says "there's nothing to see here. SURELY, we've seen it all! "  A majestic creature would just walk by like no big deal. 

Footwear, as per. 

Crack of dawn... tired. 

In the middle of the bush at 5:30AM, freezing temperatures, instant coffee becomes the most DELICIOUS thing ever! We'd stop during the morning drives to take in the vistas and SIP. 

Just about everyone wore their safari neutrals which is the right thing to do. Instead of going with flat fabrics, I went with printed pieces in safari-esque tones. I am who I am after all. 


In the middle of the day it got hot. Here's a walking safari lewk.

Up in the trees, we'd catch some vultures lurking and KNOW there was a fresh kill nearby. 

And then we'd find it! 

Just ate 40 pounds of buffalo each. 

Lion cub getting in on the action! 

Hyenas got game too. 

Ever see baby hyena? Exactly!

One of the most magical things, is that right outside our rooms, the wild was going on about it's business. In fact, a few prides of elephant came by the plunge pool everyday between 12 and 2PM to drink up all the water. MAGIC. 

THE BABIESSSS!!!!!! They couldn't reach the pool, so they drank the spill off. Heart explosion. 

Sunsets in the bush. A leopard enjoying the views.


Glorious! If any of you are interested in safari and want to know proper details. Hit me up!