I have an art director friend who wears all black everything, with white shoes, every. single. day. of. his. life. But guess what? He's one of those OGs who's developed his personal uniform. And it looks perfect on him. 

When it's a shoot day, I'm in all black everything. It's professional "show blacks" and honestly that's my comfort zone. 

But when I'm not shooting, something in me says: be playful about your style. If you're gonna' wear all black, at least have a perspective on it, right?

FIRST: pick pieces with visual interest. Like this "art lady" top. The shape is directional already. 

Interesting collar, shape, the fabric has weight but moves with me. 

2ND: UNLIKE the "art lady" who would wear this top, I'm gonna' keep it girly with this mini.  Ever see me in a mini? Yeah. Very rare.

3RD: Throw a metallic on it! Listen, I wanted to wear the kicks and decided to make metallics the theme. Hence, metallic jacket. Could have easily gone with a white jacket and shoes, or insert your favorite color. 

I wore this jacket to a concert once, and a guy tells me "It takes a lot of guts to wear a silver metallic jacket to a concert" And I was like, no it doesn't! It takes guts to wear a silver metallic jacket to lunch. TRY ME. 

Metallics are me. But what are ya'll doing with your black on blacks... any jooshes? Also, If you haven't subscribed to my blerg, please do. I won't be annoying about it! 

Wearing Raquel Allegra top |Isabel Marant skirt and jacket | Nike Airmax 1