WhaddaWeGotHere? Taking a  casual jumper (super comfy) and dressing it up in hopes of staying comfortable but being presentable at the same time. Does this strategy work? You decide...

What you see here is a super slouchy, bohemian jump suit, paired with a blazer, belt, pumps and moto jacket.

THE CASUAL JUMPER: this jumper is  "out there" for a couple reasons. #1 the print is of fish. Yes, look closely, those are fish. Where my Pisces people at?? The jumpsuit also has an exaggerated slouchiness about it, which takes it into a very bohemian, casual space.

BELTED IT: the first thing this puppy needs to pull it out of it's "printed madness" is a solid, anchoring belt. This one has chunky hardware, which brings an industrial touch to the look.

WEAR THE CLASSICS: next up, in operation "elevate your jumper" ye ol' black blazer and serious black pumps. These classic pieces settle the eye but are dressy to begin with. Wearing them, pulls the casual up! No brainer, right?

BRING THE LUX AND EDGE: to top it all off,  a moto jacket. Leather or faux leather makes things feel a wittle more expensive.

BREAK OUT THE GOODS: finally, it's about the accessories - in this case a gold bangle and smart watch in mixed metallics.

Am I the only one trying to get away with this "turning casual things into nicer things" thing? Leave comments and tell me if I'm alone on an island or not!


Seriously. Does the pencil skirt have to be as dry as a cracker? Do we really have to wear the  black pencil skirt paired with blouse look?  Thinking it's time to update the pencil skirt game.

Some thoughts:

1) Go for skirts that are bold and statement-y. Don't let "impracticality" get in your way. Even a bold skirt can be worn time and time again.

2) Want to really F people's heads up? Go matchy, matchy!

3) Enough with the blousy top! Work a boxier, loose top with the skirt. It's fresher. Trust.


The look sans jacket. Bold print and bright color update this classic silhouette. But again, picked up pieces with texture! It's an infinitely more interesting look because of it.

The back, is as interesting as the front. Boxy top is 1 size too large and makes for a sportier look because of it.

Black heels to anchor.

Push up the sleeves baby.

The texture really pulls the eye in. It's like an under water creature. LOVE it.

Too much? Throw a black blazer over it. I could see wearing this skirt with a button up, a sweater, the list goes on. What say you to the pencil skirt with punch vibe? Leave a comment!

Wearing Avelon Accord skirt and top on sale at OAK | Gianvito Rossi pumps | Isabel Marant jacket


Years ago, when I ditched all my clothes and rebuilt my wardrobe, I had days like today in mind. I knew I needed basics BUT promised myself, that I would only buy things that SPOKE TO ME.

This strategy meant that every time I went into my closet, I would only be surrounded by clothing that inspired or said something about my taste, even when I have to dress outside of my comfort zone.

STAPLES WORN : high-waisted black pant, cream sweater, black pumps, trench.

SWEATER: went with texture and dimension. Basic doesn't have to lack personality.

PANTS: something more architectural, wrapping around the waist with pleats.

PUMPS: picked a basic black pointy toe pump (from the front) but has a wooden heel!

TRENCH: this one is a classic. Probably the most traditional thing I own.

@arrowtheheeler giving me shade for stealing his color palette.

And now to conquer the world - one meeting at a time!

Wearing Ohne Titel sweater | Alexandre Herchovitch pants | APC trench | YSL pumps


Ever have an occasion/meeting where you have to be dressy, but not overly dressy? Tradish but not stodgy? And it's during the day, so it's a really funky wardrobing situation? Yeah, me too. 

Mixing casual elements with dressy basics. This is what I did, but insert your fave color here...

Thought: picking "basics" with not-so-basic details, kept this from being a typical pencil skirt and heels moment.

Scarf optional, jacket removable. 

Eyebrow has a mind of it's own

Hit a proper tuck on this. No half tucks. If you're going to wear a pencil skirt, honey, let it live it's LIFE!

Personality's gotta' shine through, even out of my comfort zone (androgynous drop crotch pants) SO THERE! 

Wearing Zara blazer | Alexander Wang skirt | Isabel Marant shirt and scarf