pony hair


It's a miracle - I'm wearing a dress! It's a double miracle, because this dress was purchased on super sale and is the new version of a dress I wish I bought at the Isabel Marant store in Paris 5 years ago and have been kicking myself about ever since. 

Here's the full look:


Dress on it's own: visually messy, it's got folds, tucks, layers, print (s) ruching, and for a short girl... this is a tricky one. 


Check out the madness in the pattern. 


For a woman who doesn't like belting things, I sure as hell knew this dress needed breaking up. Here are two belts, one with some sick hardware and a simple black leather. 

Worn together - both tied in a loop, for a messy look. 

Breaks up the visual noise, no? 


Movement is a good thing.

Would have been SO easy to put on a black shoe... but you know what time it is!


Every Fall there is A PIECE it's THE ONE, for me it's a jacket that I am dying for and will wear for as long as possible. This Isabel Marant blazer is the one for me! 

Strong shoulder, kinda collarless around the neck, but has a lapel (what??) and I have NO idea how to describe the way this puppy was manufactured, but get into it. 


I'd love to hear what that ONE SPECIAL PIECE is for you! Leave a comment why dontcha'?



Aaaaawwwweeee  shucks! The personal uniform is back. Not to kill the surprise, but I've ONLY been wearing holey tees and printed pants these days. Behold, exhibit A...

Full look:


IF for some reason, you've been resisting the holey tee, it might be time to give in and sort out a way to make it chic. It doesn't have to be "rock N roll" if you don't want it to be. IF you've been wearing them- I'm officially considering these a staple, NOT a trend.


Bring the print! These pants are actually jeans... comfort? Yes. Style? Sure. 

How easy would it have been to wear a black shoe and be done with this look? The easy road can be so uninspired though, don't you think? Enter pony hair, leopard print espadrilles loafers. 


Worn as slides, NAH MEAN?!

There's nothing like a personal uniform to simplify things - really and truly. If you knew you had a simple combo to put together daily and were smart about choosing well-made, outstanding pieces within that plan... DRESSING MADE EASY. What say you? Leave a comment, why dontcha?


Iro Clay linen tee | 7 For All Mankind jeans | Celine leopard espadrilles


When it's time to buy basics, my inner voice says "SELF, I know you're looking for basics, but don't just get flat grey shorts and tees. For the love of geranium can you pick things that have SOMETHING textural or visual going for them? " 

Yes. This is my actual internal dialogue. First the full look...

This Alexander Wang tee and shorts were bought 1 year apart from each other and both because they have a stripe motif going for them. They're basics. But not BASIC basics. 

 Now that they're together on my body, aren't we grateful that I listened to my inner voice? The tonal stripe on the tee and the white stripe on the shorts are way more interesting than the truly basic version. No? 

The white stripe in the shorts opens up doors for me, it tells me to continue the white elsewhere in the look, maybe the jacket and shoes? And so goes the inspo!

Check the details on this O2ND jacket (bought from Owen NYC) : zipper going all the way around the collar - the directional choice of white leather, the incorporation of black to bring JUUUUUSSST the right amount of edge to the look. 

Imagine this without the black. Too soft. 

I'm curious about what you all tell yourselves while you're shopping. Partly because I'm curious about process, but also to make sure I'm not the crazy lady with voices in her head. Peaces!

O2ND jacket  (others avail now)| T By Alexander Wang tee and shorts (similar) | Alexander Wang mules


Surprise, NOT surprise... I'm wearing men's clothes. Not just men's clothes in my size, actual men's clothes in sizes too damned large to be worn by me, but that's the whole point of the look: OVERSIZED, slightly off. 

You might ask why I do this  - welp. It's because I appreciate the fabrics and details in men's clothing... 

If a garment is good and CAN be worked into a look - I say go for it. Wearing these men's shorts meant, wearing pieces that mirror it's dimensions. Hence, boxy men's sweatshirt and jacket.

The sweatshirt is also camo for the mayhem underneath...aka the large shorts! Belted.

Do they bulk up with the belt? Yes. Nothing a little Jooszhing can't fix. Pushing extra fabric to the sides. 

Toss the oversized jacket on for good measure.  Check the great details!

The only thing that isn't menswear. Three words that scare straight men to death: PONY. HAIR. MULES.


Oh hello. Remember me? Yeah, I've been busy on productions. But here I am!
Been thinking about my NY peeps, freezing away at fashion week, which I've missed because of shoots... but HONEY when I tell you that I am NOT sad about missing that cold weather!

Bless all your east coaster's hearts. In homage to you, I've dressed by theme.  Today... SO ICY!

My thinking here was to go with cold, whites with blue and grey undertones and pieces with a 'lil severity. Like that cold wind cutting your cheeks as you walk east to west in Manhattan... (single tear down my cheek for you)

THE TOP: this baby fits the theme for two reasons, cold white and geometric shapes. I get a modern icicle vibe from it.

THE PANTS: truly, winter white perfection. Check these words out and tell me it's not perfect: DROP CROTCH + SLIM LEG. And the zipper details... severe.

And now for a jacket. Keeping the theme of cold white with grey. This over sized jacket is doing the most to bring an effortlessness to the whole look.

A 'lil 80's flair never hurt nobody. I bought this jacket 2 sizes too big. It was meant to be slouchy, but I went to the extreme.

THE SHOE: stark white. Severe toe... SO ICY!


Wearing Helmut Lang top and trouser | Alexander Wang mules | Isabel Marant jacket