You know what? I'm not a pink girl. I am the opposite of a pink girl. But when something's good, it's good. And colors have their moments. Right now pink (sandy, rose, taupe, and neon varieties) are thrilling. If you're like me, you can't wear pink on your body, but you CAN put it in your decor. 

Here's some inspo for the least likely element to be pink: The Moroccan rug. Unexpected combinations make for the most wowzers factor. No? 


Ever have an occasion/meeting where you have to be dressy, but not overly dressy? Tradish but not stodgy? And it's during the day, so it's a really funky wardrobing situation? Yeah, me too. 

Mixing casual elements with dressy basics. This is what I did, but insert your fave color here...

Thought: picking "basics" with not-so-basic details, kept this from being a typical pencil skirt and heels moment.

Scarf optional, jacket removable. 

Eyebrow has a mind of it's own

Hit a proper tuck on this. No half tucks. If you're going to wear a pencil skirt, honey, let it live it's LIFE!

Personality's gotta' shine through, even out of my comfort zone (androgynous drop crotch pants) SO THERE! 

Wearing Zara blazer | Alexander Wang skirt | Isabel Marant shirt and scarf