opening ceremony


Knew exactly what I was doing when I bought this jacket. Other than loving the exaggerated design, I knew it would serve a purpose. It would be my "bad face day, ratty haired, no makeup wearing, slept a few hours" camouflage.

This Opening Ceremony jacket was designed to be over-sized BUT I also got it 2 sizes too large. Sometimes, if you're gonna' "go there" you really gotta' go.

Big-ass jacket, meet big-ass shoes. They're chunky and embellished, just like you! For balance.

Another camouflage: braiding ratty hair into a ratty braid. Looks like I "styled it this way".

Sneaky squirrel.

@arrowtheheeler approved! Now everybody sing: " I woke up like this.. I woke up like this!"

Wearing Opening Ceremony jacket | Isabel Marant tank | J Brand jeans | Soulland cap | Chloe heels


Does this prayer sound familiar?

"Lawd, please make it so that my size is available when those ugly sexy Opening Ceremony sneaker boot hybrids go on sale. And please lawd, make it so they are available in my size in the oxblood color (which no one else would wear except for me) so they should still be around, right lawd?"

And then something magical happens! The shoes go on sale and they've even got your got-danged size. Click, enter, ordered!

But you must always protect your heart, because when those shoes arrive in your color and your size, and you finally put them on. They STILL might not fit.

Do you remember these from my Fall sneakers round up? They're just too long in the tooth. Or long in the nose. They're just too long damn it! These babes are going back.

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