It is 106 degrees outside. I accept heat over cold. I find it therapeutic, but something has got to give - meaning the fewer clothes the better.

Short shorts, duh. Gauzy top, duh. Open toe sandal, no-duh. Mini dress used as "lab coat-esque" cover up? Not so duh. But Duh.  (The heat has also melted my brain) 

Behold, the elements...

Ye' old gauzy top sloppy tucked into ye ole' denim short. 



This is an old Alexander Wang dress bought on super sale, that I keep using as a layering piece. Check the sheer paneling and architectural sleeve. 

Worn all the way open like a lab coat. Some coverage, yes! Flowing in the wind when I walk, yes! 


Isabel Marant heels also on sale - I'm already wearing these into the ground. Check the POM POMS! A million yesssssssss



"Buy a funky sweater, get some crazy nail art, but don't cut your hair off!" ~Concerned Friend

That's literally something a friend of mine said to keep me from getting a crazy haircut with bangs and built-in sideburns. Sigh. Maybe she was right.

Here's a collection of bad-ass nail art to inspire your next manicure AND if you're like me, save you from a mullet! 

All designs by the incredible bakeneko nails. 


When it's time to buy basics, my inner voice says "SELF, I know you're looking for basics, but don't just get flat grey shorts and tees. For the love of geranium can you pick things that have SOMETHING textural or visual going for them? " 

Yes. This is my actual internal dialogue. First the full look...

This Alexander Wang tee and shorts were bought 1 year apart from each other and both because they have a stripe motif going for them. They're basics. But not BASIC basics. 

 Now that they're together on my body, aren't we grateful that I listened to my inner voice? The tonal stripe on the tee and the white stripe on the shorts are way more interesting than the truly basic version. No? 

The white stripe in the shorts opens up doors for me, it tells me to continue the white elsewhere in the look, maybe the jacket and shoes? And so goes the inspo!

Check the details on this O2ND jacket (bought from Owen NYC) : zipper going all the way around the collar - the directional choice of white leather, the incorporation of black to bring JUUUUUSSST the right amount of edge to the look. 

Imagine this without the black. Too soft. 

I'm curious about what you all tell yourselves while you're shopping. Partly because I'm curious about process, but also to make sure I'm not the crazy lady with voices in her head. Peaces!

O2ND jacket  (others avail now)| T By Alexander Wang tee and shorts (similar) | Alexander Wang mules


Listen, I'm not a stylist. I'm not a fashion buyer. I'm a regula' ol' civilian who likes to look good. I also have a mother who pulls herself together every.single.time. she steps out of her house. And a grandfather who was a tailor and wore a custom suit Even when he could no longer walk.

Sure, I produce women's lifestyle content for a living. BUT my interest in fashion comes from my family. It's in my blood to step it up and care about what I put on my back.

Here's how the conversations go in my head when I get dressed.

Finished look:

Lord, let me get through this week!

Had to look creative professional today, (which means I can show flair and not be corporate)  Woke up and put on dark skinny jeans, a navy button up shirt and a blazer.

My inner voice says "Congratulations, the basics are done. Now, what else are you going to do, to show the world who you are?"

Necklace: something that ACTUALLY speaks to who I am. Threw on this faux bone necklace, with "birds of prey" feathers. We'll analyze that later. Neutrals and navy look great together.

Shoes: picking up the neutral tones of the necklace and wearing a camel colored shoe. Creating a story here. Roll up the jeans to show off the shoe.

Threw some neutral socks on. Shows the world I'm not taking myself too seriously. Or maybe I am. Either one works.

Jacket: when an outfit is this basic, the sky is the limit: leather jacket, robe coat, etc. But I've already chosen to go with a neutral shoe and sportified my outfit with the socks. My inner voice says: "Keep GOING THERE"

Furry bomber jacket it is!

Who doesn't want to feel like a teddy bear? This Mother Denim jacket is from OWEN NYC

Styling: pulled the blazer through and pulled the collar up, to let the world know I'm not ALL party. I'm business too.

@arrowtheheeler  shows up and says  "Listen sister, camel colored footwear isn't a trend, it's a way of life!"

Altogether: created an outfit that could have been basic, but built itself out based on color and a sporty theme.

Soooooo - what do you say? Leave comments why dontcha'?

Wearing J brand jeans | Alexander Wang button up | Mother Denim jacket purchased from OWEN NYC| Isabel Marant blazer | Proenza Schouler heels