Something weird happened recently. I bought a pair of short jean shorts. Where in the history of life have you seen me in short, shorts? Who is this person?

I'm the one who wears men's shorts. All the time... on purpose. Baggy, Drop-crotched, diaper bootied, over-sized shorts. 

And then, this happened. 

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Really tho? Me being who I am, tried to hide under a vest which is, you guessed it: 2 sizes too large. This is what it looks like "un-zooshed"

It's supposed to be tied around the waist for a kimono effect, like so:

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Pretty fresh... but "too much tuna" (those that know, KNOW) But I've got a bright idea! I'm gonna' take that built in belt, tie it behind me to keep the jacket perma-open in an "effortlessly easy" folded look. 

Here's the knot. You won't see from the back or side and from the front, it'll look good. 

With the knot in place, the vest pretty much stays in this position all day.

The top underneath is an ATM knit piece. Lovely, no? 

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Ye ol' Celine leopard print espadrilles for a pop o' print. 

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Let me be the first to say that this look ain't for everybody. But let me quickly remind you that showing your midriff is NOT a requirement - it's just what happened here today. I was getting dressed today when a voice inside myself said

"SELF... what about wearing a vest as a shirt? It's such an underrated piece in layering to begin with and it just about never (outside of being a trend in the 90's) is given the proper time to shine"

So I listened to that inner voice and gave the only vest I own, it's moment in the sunlight. 

Full look: 

Nothing deep happening here. It's a vest with charcoal boyfriend jeans. 

I'm thinking a vest with interesting design elements is a must. This one, has an inner and outer layered design. I was able to snap shut the inner piece and let the outer hang for "style".  Could have buttoned it all up. BORING!

Oh, hi girl. 

Since the vest is the pulled together piece, I went with baggy boyfriend jeans to bring some edge. If I chose skinny jeans, it would have been too much "sexy" 

Kept it sporty from the waist to the toe with these NIke Lunarlon kicks. Why the neon? Why not a black shoe? That's a bigger conversation developing in my head about the cycles of personal style. 

Have any of you tried the vest as shirt look? Tell me, tell me! 


RTA Denim | NIke Lunarlon | Alice Choi vest



This blurry photo is brought to by the way I've been feeling lately: groggy. My philosophy for groggy days is to do the opposite of what I want to do (wear all black, baggy clothes and hide) Instead, I wear something that forces me to pull myself outside of myself. Does that make sense?

Head to toe white in the Winter seems pretty ballsy, because every time I do it, people say "WHHHHHhaaatttt?!" 

Another tactic I use to draw attention away from my face is to wear things with points of interest that are away from my face. In this case, the sleeves and the shredded top layered underneath.

Hiding, but not hiding. What say you?

Wearing Ohne Titel sweater from Owen NYC | Raquel Allegra top | Elizabeth and James pants | Proenza Schouler heels


Years ago, when I ditched all my clothes and rebuilt my wardrobe, I had days like today in mind. I knew I needed basics BUT promised myself, that I would only buy things that SPOKE TO ME.

This strategy meant that every time I went into my closet, I would only be surrounded by clothing that inspired or said something about my taste, even when I have to dress outside of my comfort zone.

STAPLES WORN : high-waisted black pant, cream sweater, black pumps, trench.

SWEATER: went with texture and dimension. Basic doesn't have to lack personality.

PANTS: something more architectural, wrapping around the waist with pleats.

PUMPS: picked a basic black pointy toe pump (from the front) but has a wooden heel!

TRENCH: this one is a classic. Probably the most traditional thing I own.

@arrowtheheeler giving me shade for stealing his color palette.

And now to conquer the world - one meeting at a time!

Wearing Ohne Titel sweater | Alexandre Herchovitch pants | APC trench | YSL pumps