Camel comes up as a "trend" although it's a staple to be sure. Remember two years ago when it was the "IT" color for fall and we were asking ourselves when is camel NOT the it color?

My thinking is that camel is more than for outwear - it should drip down into your knits, trousers, etc. forever and ever for ultimate chic vibes!

I produced a how-to video for Popsugar fashion about how to rock camel - scroll to the bottom to watch it!

Here's some inspiration from the 90's to today, proving how fresh and timeless camel is. Ready to shop items also below! 

Want to watch a how-to wear camel video I produced for Popsugar Fashion? Click HERE!


There's something for every price range! 


My friend: "I'd like to wear fashiony stuff to work, but everyone else is so casual, or the opposite - they wear traditional stuff" 

Me: "Just go ahead and do your thing!"

Friend: "I don't know, I'd be the only one, it's weird." 

Me: "Girl, don't let everyone else's story be yours. You could single-handedly bring everyone from basic to bad ass." 

Easier said than done I know. And every office is different, so take this outfit post as an example of what COULD be done. Not what SHOULD be done. And keep in mind, I work in a creative field. 

What you're looking at is a men's striped button up shirt paired with Isabel Marant printed shorts and a Zara camel blazer. 

First the shirt: men's with a mix of blues, tans and a pop of red.  When shopping for button ups, you should score your basics BUT start thinking about pieces with more playfulness. Check out the deets including the striped loop in the back! Fun. 


The shorts: If you had seen these printed shorts on the rack while shopping - would you think that they're too specific to add to your wardrobe? Not versatile enough? Some pieces require a little imagination. But I've never run into a print that could be worked into my wardrobe. Truth. 

Print mix: I say it all the time, if your separates are in the same color family, they can be worn together. Even risky looks like this - they work. Check out the relationship between the two! 


Did a sloppy tuck: tighter in the front with loose shirt in the back. 

Neutral wedge kicks (i'm a producer, child - on my feet all day) BUT could have worn a simple nude pump with this look NO problemo.

Anchor: do you have a camel blazer yet? Surely you do! If you don't, please do your wardrobe the favor and grab one. This blazer has become the go to option for interviews, meetings, etc 



When you have a camel blazer, you'll surprise yourself with how much you go for it over the black one!


I remind my friends who are dipping their toes into print mixing for work to - 1) stick to neutral colors with a pop of bright 2) Stick to 2 prints max 3) anchor the print with a solid blazer and shoes. Dunzo Malunzo!


As much as I hate to say it, there ARE "tricks" to looking pulled together. Once I figured them out, I thanked my lucky stars for the constants in styling oneself and decked out my closet accordingly.
On a day where you're exhausted and can't think of something to throw on. Resist the urge to put on jeans and whatever and think of the guidelines that brought me to this look!

TRICK 1 - PICK AND STICK TO A SOPHISTICATED COLOR PALETTE. No, I don't mean all black. That's lazy-ish. I mean camel and black, grey and green, navy and burgundy. There are more, but just know on a day when you can't think - go for ONE palette and dress for it.

TRICK 2 - PAIR COMFORTABLE SEPARATES WITH A HIGH END LOOK. What does that mean? It means going with the jeans that have a wax coating instead of being matte. Wax coating gives the jeans more of a punch. This top for example, would feel way more casual if it didn't have the added design touches.

TRICK 3 - have a pair of stylish boots in your arsenal. Stylists will tell you, you need a basic black boot in your closet. This is true. But you also need a boot with flair for days like these. You throw them on and can trust it will elevate your look.

Same with this blazer. A combo of tan, with a black lapel. Slap that thang on!

TRICK 4 - WEAR THE CLASSIC PIECES. Reaching for the classic pieces in your closet, just makes it easier to dress yourself. A trench. Yes.

See the color play here? It's imperfect, which want we want. It works, but it's not trying too hard.

That's all I got! What say you? Leave a comment why dontcha'?

Wearing Mary Ping turtleneck | Zara jeans and blazer (Similar pants) | APC trench (H&M version) | Isabel Marant fringe boots


Listen, I'm not a stylist. I'm not a fashion buyer. I'm a regula' ol' civilian who likes to look good. I also have a mother who pulls herself together every.single.time. she steps out of her house. And a grandfather who was a tailor and wore a custom suit Even when he could no longer walk.

Sure, I produce women's lifestyle content for a living. BUT my interest in fashion comes from my family. It's in my blood to step it up and care about what I put on my back.

Here's how the conversations go in my head when I get dressed.

Finished look:

Lord, let me get through this week!

Had to look creative professional today, (which means I can show flair and not be corporate)  Woke up and put on dark skinny jeans, a navy button up shirt and a blazer.

My inner voice says "Congratulations, the basics are done. Now, what else are you going to do, to show the world who you are?"

Necklace: something that ACTUALLY speaks to who I am. Threw on this faux bone necklace, with "birds of prey" feathers. We'll analyze that later. Neutrals and navy look great together.

Shoes: picking up the neutral tones of the necklace and wearing a camel colored shoe. Creating a story here. Roll up the jeans to show off the shoe.

Threw some neutral socks on. Shows the world I'm not taking myself too seriously. Or maybe I am. Either one works.

Jacket: when an outfit is this basic, the sky is the limit: leather jacket, robe coat, etc. But I've already chosen to go with a neutral shoe and sportified my outfit with the socks. My inner voice says: "Keep GOING THERE"

Furry bomber jacket it is!

Who doesn't want to feel like a teddy bear? This Mother Denim jacket is from OWEN NYC

Styling: pulled the blazer through and pulled the collar up, to let the world know I'm not ALL party. I'm business too.

@arrowtheheeler  shows up and says  "Listen sister, camel colored footwear isn't a trend, it's a way of life!"

Altogether: created an outfit that could have been basic, but built itself out based on color and a sporty theme.

Soooooo - what do you say? Leave comments why dontcha'?

Wearing J brand jeans | Alexander Wang button up | Mother Denim jacket purchased from OWEN NYC| Isabel Marant blazer | Proenza Schouler heels