You know what? A girl's got a day job and that's why I've been gone. But here I am. Still mashing up mens and women clothing. Still playing with masculine and feminine. Still goofy. 

Want an outfit? I call this one cream and coffee because welp, I'm wearing a cream top and drinking coffee. Super literal vibes. 

Here you go: 

What you see here is a cream button up shirt, tucked into men's leather shorts and a silk "layering piece" top over it all. 


This Alexander Wang top has a super sheer panel at the bottom. You can see it here... (big eye emoji) 

My shorts are a Japanese men's brand. Slouchy and easy. 

Shop leather shorts

Again with the Alexander Wang cage heels. The shoe that continues to give. 


My favorite coffee drink right now: cappuccino with cold brew ice cubes. 

Check the deets on this silky Isabel Marant printed top. Sadly, no longer avail (several years old) 

See you soon - booskie!


You know what? Shorts are fun. They are. If you're one of those gals that doesn't wear shorts because you don't like your legs, stop. Also, I have a cure for you: the dressy short. 

If you're one of those gals who likes to be fancy and thinks shorts are too casual, please know that shorts aren't just of the denim, casual, cut off variety. Also, here's a cure: the dressy short.

Guess who has TONS of them! Today, the dressy, slouchy, effortless, black ones.

It's easy to let your eyes go to the bold top and shoes, but try to pry your eyes away for a second and see what a dang good basic these dressy shorts are! Great fabric, longer fit, totally versatile.

Letting the shorts be what they are (BASIC) went with bold print and cage heels. Simps.

A lil' color block blazer never hurt nobody!

You see what's happening here? Effortless to style and comfortable.

This outfit could have easily been paired with ye' ol' standbys, the pencil skirt and skinny jean. But why not go for the more interesting choice here? Are you with me? 

Wearing Iro shorts | Zara blazer | Isabel Marant top (on sale) | Alexander Wang heels (similar on sale)


I feel like there's a styling rule that says you should pick one statement piece, whether it be a necklace, top, or shoe and keep everything else basic. But I submit, for your consideration a case for pairing 2 or more statement pieces together!

Exhibit A:  7 For All Mankind statement jeans + statement heels!

Shocking! NOT.

Exhibit B: everything is anchored in black, which makes things more palatable. BUT even the vest I'm wearing makes a statement, with a built in tassel scarf!

Black Zara blazer on top of vest not under! This way, the tassel scarf peeks through...

What say you to the multiple statement looks?

Wearing 7 For All Mankind jeans | Monrow Tee| Alexander Wang heels and vest | Isabel Marant Coat (similar Zara)


Sometimes the whole point of an outfit is to stand out - Dress to impress - Take no prisoners - Take it to chicastan -Give em' hell! For me, that usually means black and gold. I feel my most powerful in it. 

This is my "take no prisoners" face... this is also my "a bug just flew into my nose" face... both VERY serious.

What you're seeing here is a button up shirt, buttoned to the top under a dress. Adds a little masculine edge, methinks. Also, more practical for the season.


The dress on it's own looks like this... oversized and loose.

Simple black belt around the waist and jooshing to give me shape. And pushed up the sleeves.

Honey, these shoes belong in the "I'm not F'in around" category. Again, edge on an otherwise bohemian dress. Socks for interest and warmth.

Simple black jacket with a structured collar and shoulder to bring some more SHAPE into the situation.

Details: grommet of the shoes working their way up the foot and back toward the ankle, as if they're reaching up to the sequins in the dress and saying "Hi, we are one." Too weird?

Time to kick some ass OR kick up my heels, ready for both!

Holiday outfit anyone? I think this would work for a work-ish, chic holiday party.

Wearing Isabel Marant dress | Alexander Wang top | Margiela jacket | Balmain Heels