Bohemian is not my thing. I respect it from a distance BUT I also have a philosophy about personal style that asks me to experiment with it all and find a way to make it right for me. 

This look is my way of taking a VERY bohemian top and making it work! 

What you see here is a sequined, embroidered top with tassels and bell sleeves... LAWD that combo of words gives me pause. But the top is GOOOOOOODDD honey. Check it. 

The right amount of flowing fabric, beautifully designed sequins that aren't too overwhelming. 

Pushed up the sleeves. Hiding the bell.

And then for balance? YOU GUESSED IT! Leather shorts from the men's section. Nothing balances boho like some dropped-crotch, slouchy, leather shorts, am I right? 

More edge with these directional cage heels. I've said it once and I'll say it again, architectural pieces save the day. Let's remember that when shopping!

Simple enough. 


Isabel Marant top | Remi Relief shorts | Alexander Wang heels



When it comes to personal style, I'm not even 1% bohemian. However, I believe in trying other styles of dressing, in order to:

1. Hone in on your own personal style  2. Get yourself out of a style rut

3. Have some fun and explore other sides of your personality

You might find that you aren't just one thing, but have facets to your personality. If that's the case, your wardrobe should give you the opportunity to play. AND you should "play"

This is the only maxi skirt I own, bought it for a very specific event. But this Zara skirt is the inspiration for the whole outfit.

Building on the colors and print of the skirt, so this t-shirt made sense. Simple sweater to anchor the print. Check out the relationship between the tee and the skirt. LURVE IT!

Instead of thinking "this outfit is bohemian enough, I'm wearing a maxi skirt after all!"  I'm taking it a step further with this Indian embroidered scarf with poms. Neutral colors keep me from going into crazy lady land.

Now jacket... this one is tricky, because I could have gone with something printed and tasseled or embroidered, BUT I have enough going on. Went with a neutral, deconstructed field jacket. Bringing shape to the outfit was the goal here.


I'm all for a personal uniform of something that "works for you" as long, as you don't feel like you've dialed it in with what's easy. Doing what's easy leads to uninspired dressing - which is a life no-no!

Sometimes you have to step out of your comfort to see what shakes out!

Wearing Zara maxi skirt | Isabel Marant for h&m Tee | Isabel Marant sweater | Les Comptoirs Des Contonniers jacket


A bohemian moment of matchy-match-ness, set sliiightly un-matchy with a printed button up. 

You know the thinking: same color family creates a relationship between the button up and the other elements. 

I mean... busy? Maybe. A joy to wear? Fo' sho. 

Want a jacket? Here's a jacket. A men's waterproof field jacket to be exact. 


Wearing Isabel Marant top and skirt | Suno button up | Chloe heels | Nom De Guerre jacket