I've heard women from all walks of life tell me how uninspired they are with their wardrobes. That's no good and should be remedied, stat.

But digging deeper, there's another layer- which is literally having fun with clothing because what you're wearing has a story, makes you laugh, is ironic... you see where I'm going right?

It's important to have a little fun with your wardrobe. Enter this 1980's bootleg Gucci sweatshirt!

This sweatshirt is hilarious because Gucci didn't make this. It was a bootleg made in the 80's, which was found on Ebay, made it's way into my closet and then onto my body. It's vintage kinda' and confusing for sure. Anywhere I wear it, it either starts a conversation, furrows brows of people trying to figure out if it's "real" or side eye from people who think I'm really wearing a Gucci sweatshirt. Jokes on you suckas... or me... whatever.

Check out the baggy 80's fit! YES! Paired with baggy RTA jeans to balance proportions and make the "slouchy" thing, a THING.

Pulling from the color/theme in the sweatshirt - my jeans and my kicks are faded black as well. Nike SBs picking up the yellow and red. Also, notice the gold lace accessories? Again, bringing old things back for fun!

Speaking of old things as the theme. Remember the first generation IPOD? OHHH! You don't? Sigh.

Finally topping off the look with a fun camo jacket in the same color family, but refining the look some. Leather sleeves and great construction add some luxe to my look.


Wearing Gryphon jacket | RTA denim | Nike dunks