Surprise, NOT surprise... I'm wearing men's clothes. Not just men's clothes in my size, actual men's clothes in sizes too damned large to be worn by me, but that's the whole point of the look: OVERSIZED, slightly off. 

You might ask why I do this  - welp. It's because I appreciate the fabrics and details in men's clothing... 

If a garment is good and CAN be worked into a look - I say go for it. Wearing these men's shorts meant, wearing pieces that mirror it's dimensions. Hence, boxy men's sweatshirt and jacket.

The sweatshirt is also camo for the mayhem underneath...aka the large shorts! Belted.

Do they bulk up with the belt? Yes. Nothing a little Jooszhing can't fix. Pushing extra fabric to the sides. 

Toss the oversized jacket on for good measure.  Check the great details!

The only thing that isn't menswear. Three words that scare straight men to death: PONY. HAIR. MULES.


As much as I hate to say it, there ARE "tricks" to looking pulled together. Once I figured them out, I thanked my lucky stars for the constants in styling oneself and decked out my closet accordingly.
On a day where you're exhausted and can't think of something to throw on. Resist the urge to put on jeans and whatever and think of the guidelines that brought me to this look!

TRICK 1 - PICK AND STICK TO A SOPHISTICATED COLOR PALETTE. No, I don't mean all black. That's lazy-ish. I mean camel and black, grey and green, navy and burgundy. There are more, but just know on a day when you can't think - go for ONE palette and dress for it.

TRICK 2 - PAIR COMFORTABLE SEPARATES WITH A HIGH END LOOK. What does that mean? It means going with the jeans that have a wax coating instead of being matte. Wax coating gives the jeans more of a punch. This top for example, would feel way more casual if it didn't have the added design touches.

TRICK 3 - have a pair of stylish boots in your arsenal. Stylists will tell you, you need a basic black boot in your closet. This is true. But you also need a boot with flair for days like these. You throw them on and can trust it will elevate your look.

Same with this blazer. A combo of tan, with a black lapel. Slap that thang on!

TRICK 4 - WEAR THE CLASSIC PIECES. Reaching for the classic pieces in your closet, just makes it easier to dress yourself. A trench. Yes.

See the color play here? It's imperfect, which want we want. It works, but it's not trying too hard.

That's all I got! What say you? Leave a comment why dontcha'?

Wearing Mary Ping turtleneck | Zara jeans and blazer (Similar pants) | APC trench (H&M version) | Isabel Marant fringe boots


Years ago, when I ditched all my clothes and rebuilt my wardrobe, I had days like today in mind. I knew I needed basics BUT promised myself, that I would only buy things that SPOKE TO ME.

This strategy meant that every time I went into my closet, I would only be surrounded by clothing that inspired or said something about my taste, even when I have to dress outside of my comfort zone.

STAPLES WORN : high-waisted black pant, cream sweater, black pumps, trench.

SWEATER: went with texture and dimension. Basic doesn't have to lack personality.

PANTS: something more architectural, wrapping around the waist with pleats.

PUMPS: picked a basic black pointy toe pump (from the front) but has a wooden heel!

TRENCH: this one is a classic. Probably the most traditional thing I own.

@arrowtheheeler giving me shade for stealing his color palette.

And now to conquer the world - one meeting at a time!

Wearing Ohne Titel sweater | Alexandre Herchovitch pants | APC trench | YSL pumps