Some days you just want a jumpsuit. And if you've done your shopping right, you have a stylish, non-frumpy jumpsuit waiting for you on your lazy day. If you're in the market for one and don't know what to look for, I've got your back! I'm not saying you need this jumpsuit. This one is specific to my personal taste.

Here's what to look for when shopping for a good jumpsuit.

FIT: jumpsuits come in all shapes, but if the goal is NOT to look like you rolled out of bed, look for a jumpsuit with tailored details. Check the slim leg, pleats and cinched waist. Still comfy.

STYLE: go with pieces that say something about who you are. If preppy turns you on, go for a jumpsuit that is prim. This one is dressy and sporty. Varsity details make it casual. Great tailored design pulls it up.

CONSTRUCTION: for the love of geranium, don't buy anything that looks like it might fall apart at the seams. Invest in  well made clothing and wear them for a LONG time.

COLOR: black is safe. But black is black. You'll be more impressive in color. Find a piece in another smart neutral like navy!

Final step is to STYLE your jumpsuit. I know the whole point is being lazy, but add a couple accessories, shoes, scarf, to make it pop even more.

That's it for the check list. Leave comments why dontcha'!

Wearing O'2nd Jumpsuit | Isabel Marant sneakers | Vintage faux-fur scarf (similar $88)