Sometimes the whole point of an outfit is to stand out - Dress to impress - Take no prisoners - Take it to chicastan -Give em' hell! For me, that usually means black and gold. I feel my most powerful in it. 

This is my "take no prisoners" face... this is also my "a bug just flew into my nose" face... both VERY serious.

What you're seeing here is a button up shirt, buttoned to the top under a dress. Adds a little masculine edge, methinks. Also, more practical for the season.


The dress on it's own looks like this... oversized and loose.

Simple black belt around the waist and jooshing to give me shape. And pushed up the sleeves.

Honey, these shoes belong in the "I'm not F'in around" category. Again, edge on an otherwise bohemian dress. Socks for interest and warmth.

Simple black jacket with a structured collar and shoulder to bring some more SHAPE into the situation.

Details: grommet of the shoes working their way up the foot and back toward the ankle, as if they're reaching up to the sequins in the dress and saying "Hi, we are one." Too weird?

Time to kick some ass OR kick up my heels, ready for both!

Holiday outfit anyone? I think this would work for a work-ish, chic holiday party.

Wearing Isabel Marant dress | Alexander Wang top | Margiela jacket | Balmain Heels