Listen pal, sometimes I don't want to steam my shirt. On those days, I make the accidental wrinkles in my clothes "the theme" for the entire look and it turns an accident into a happy accident. Huh? What? Yes.  

Full look:

This James Perse  men's t-shirt was wrinkled beyond recognition this morning. But I'm lazy, baby. ON IT GOES! I might make the wrinkles MORE deliberate by smooshing the sleeves up. 

Then, for good measure (and good design) here come the relaxed fit pants, with wrinkles built in. See what I did there?  Accidental wrinkles paired with intentional wrinkles, make it a look.

Ahhh, the good ol' "I'm tyring to look effortless like I give zero (shi*ts) but I really do, though" pants. This particular pair are yummy, because they are LEATHER. Hallelujah for spring leather!

Now, for the pulled together parts to bring my look from shlub to HUB (a-huba-huba): fierce, architectural heels.

Black moto jacket. 

And now - the adornments. Who's layering necklaces? What you see here is a silver chain mail necklace, under a vintage Indian piece, surrounded by a faux bone feather necklace. 

All colors in the same family, all blending. 

Do any of you try similar tactics? 


James Perse tee | Current Elliott leather pants | Alexander Wang heels | Isabel Marant jacket (similar Zara)