Listen. Say what you want, but a fact is a fact. I never get as many compliments as I do when wearing Isabel Marant. Every. Single. Time.  

I know most people feel she's oversaturated, out of reach, a good chunk of you are over it - but it is what it is. She gets it and a bunch of brands (even a super popular one that we all wear) have straight up bitten her vibe and done well for themselves. But - STILL more compliments wearing Isabel than anyone else. 

I started buying her stuff when it wasn't (ahem ahem) as highly priced as it is today - and I do ye ol' "save up for the good stuff and see what pieces are available at the end of the season."

Here are the looks I'm looking forward to seeing on the streets this F/W

Done and done and bye! 

PS - shout out to my buddy Jordan Feldman for introducing me to the funny phrase "Chic-a-stan" which I now say to the tune of "Funky Town"