I remind myself that "casual" doesn't mean frumpy and shlumpy (those are technical terms of course). It means dressed down and comfortable. Jeans and sneakers it is!

But how to deliver on personality, flair and non-shlumpiness when wearing jeans and sneakers? We shall see...

Finished look:

Started here: anchor pieces -slim jeans in super light wash, paired it with deep red sweater and sneakers. It's the lowest hanging fruit. BUT because the fit is slim on both the top and bottom, I'm off to a non-shlumpy start!

The red means I'm OK with being seen and standing out. That's a choice to show personality and not fade into the background.

Funny little bumps of texture on the sweater = personality. Why wear a flat red sweater when sweaters like this exist?

But the outfit needs something doesn't it? How about the dreaded 90's shirt tied around the waist? Let's do it. Will it add bulk to my body? Sure. Will it add flair? You better believe it!

Tying in the red theme. A deliberate choice.

Jacket: I was reaching for jackets and an inner voice said "DON'T MATCH YOUR JACKET TO ANYTHING ELSE IN THE OUTFIT AND SEE IF IT WORKS! TRY DAMN YOU!"

As long as there was a hint of red and another color already in the outfit, I would risk the confused looks on other people's faces as I walk down the street. Because hey, there is a logic going on here.

Mixing multiple "styles" together, kept this look from being too much of one thing. Looks involved: 90's, sporty, bohemian, preppy.


Yay! Casual but not shlumpy.

Wearing Isabel Marant Jacket |7 Jeans | Jordan 3 Sneaks | Novis Sweater |Garments Engineered Men's shirt