Listen. Directional pieces are IT. I know you already know but are you practicing it? Alone they punch up an ordinary outfit. The more you mash them together, to more forward you might look. Or you could look a mess, but that's edgy right?? 

Here's my case study of items that I could have easily talked myself out of at the store, but am glad I didn't!

First the jacket: it's puffy, printed, and has random pockets. Holding this thing in the store, you might say to yourself "this ain't wearable!" 

Second: the top.  It's yellow, printed in the front, all black in the back and looks too "specific" to go with anything.  

Third: the sneakers are all black from the front but have an ombre effect toward a neon green back. At the store I could have said "who the F wears a neon green sneaker?"  and put them down. 

PS - tied a sheer button up around my waist for movement and softness. 

The safe way to wear any of these elements would be alone -but the mash up works. There's a relationship between it all. The print on print. The yellow with green...

You feel me?

Wearing Han Kjobenhaven drop crotch pants | Proenza Schouler top | Won Hundred bomber | Nike Lunarlon kicks