Wearing as much of one bright color as I can, why? Why not. Also, it's Monday- let's kick the week off with a little absurdity and cheer. At least, that's the narrative going on in my head.

Sure, people might look at me crazy. But I'm a grown up and totally ok with the idea that not everyone is going to "get" me.

And now, for your inspiration/amusement, my bright-for-no-reason outfit!

What you're seeing here is: dress under sweater with long sleeve shirt wrapped around waist.

A moment of practicality with the nude-ish socks.

The conversation that we women have with "not wanting to wrap something around our waists because that's the widest part of your body, why would you want to accentuate it?"

And the conversation that men have with women, like "dude, why are you covering yourself up so much, are you trying to look cool?"  


Women: the tone on tone makes this a little more forgiving, no?

Men: I like a piece of fabric flowing behind me as I walk. It's called drama!

Would you try this at home?

Wearing Alexander Wang dress & shirt | Isabel Marant sweater | Proenza Schouler heels