NEVER, EVER would I wear this outfit. I know I'm wearing it and I know I print mix a lot, but stick with me for a second. 

The jeans and t-shirt that make up this outfit are pieces that were given to me by wonderful people who's taste I trust. 

I don't subscribe to the "you must wear what you've been gifted" thinking. If I don' like something I find it a happy home. But these two piecesI knew would challenge me and my comfort zone, and YES that is a good thing! 

So, when I put this on today I said "LAWD a mercy! I would never wear this. Who am I anyway? Why am I putting these together instead of breaking these up into mostly black outfits like a sane human being, who's intimated by these separates?"

Because it would be BORING! But mostly, because I like to test myself to see if I have the guts to pull things off. Fashion for me, can be a series of personal challenges. I was scared to wear this mostly, BUT the color-palette works and the shapes work beautifully. 

The lace pattern isn't me, but what could go wrong really? Toughen up sister. 

I recommend with as much consideration for good taste and sensibility for tailoring, to wear something that is outside the norm, to see what you're really made of. 

Who are you really?