Get ready for a total annihilation of your sense of sight with this outfit post - which is really JUST a t-shirt and shorts. But LAWD are they loud and LAWD why did I put them together? The full look!

The answer is because I could and because I believe in the print mix, NOT as a trend, but as a way to have fun with the your wardrobe. It can also be therapeutic. More on that later. 

Is it a lot of look? Yes. Is that the point? Yes. Sometimes clothing is about being loud. On those shy days when I want to "disappear" into my clothing. I usually sike myself up to do the opposite. I end up in something like this that FORCES me to face the world. 

Tucked in the tee to give shape to an otherwise square shirt. Although these prints are different, they are both tropical with the same color way (different temperatures) 

The famous Chloe sandals bought on super sale in Milan to anchor the look. BUT they alone are a lot of look. Nothing shy going on here. 

No jewelry is the only option with this look, no?

What do you to be loud on certain days? Talk to me Goose (Top Gun reference, get into it!)