Something weird happened recently. I bought a pair of short jean shorts. Where in the history of life have you seen me in short, shorts? Who is this person?

I'm the one who wears men's shorts. All the time... on purpose. Baggy, Drop-crotched, diaper bootied, over-sized shorts. 

And then, this happened. 

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Really tho? Me being who I am, tried to hide under a vest which is, you guessed it: 2 sizes too large. This is what it looks like "un-zooshed"

It's supposed to be tied around the waist for a kimono effect, like so:

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Pretty fresh... but "too much tuna" (those that know, KNOW) But I've got a bright idea! I'm gonna' take that built in belt, tie it behind me to keep the jacket perma-open in an "effortlessly easy" folded look. 

Here's the knot. You won't see from the back or side and from the front, it'll look good. 

With the knot in place, the vest pretty much stays in this position all day.

The top underneath is an ATM knit piece. Lovely, no? 

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Ye ol' Celine leopard print espadrilles for a pop o' print. 

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