Is anyone really wearing clothes these days... is what I think and say out loud to myself when it's 90 degrees out. One style trick to looking like you give a damn, even when you don't and STILL want to be in shorts, is to wear textural items.

It's the summer, so I'm not suggesting we wear sweaters. I'm recommending finding pieces that have the texture "vibes". 

The look: 

This tee is giving you tie-dye realness, in a solid olive green shade. The stripe? Hearkening to the nautical vibes of summer. 

Texture again with the choice of shoe. These python skin print sneaks, give the look even more depth with texture. Imagine a solid green shoe? Flat, right? 

The shorts are silk - and it's hard to see here, but have a subtle grain to them. 

Finally, the accessories are on the mixed metallic kick, which to me gives off a little bit more of a "considered" flair. 

I mean really, is there any more we can do?


Vintage t-shirt | Isabel Marant shorts | Margiela Replica sneakers

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