Remember when everyone was talking about "normcore"? Meaning it was trendy to wear non-trendy things and to take it to the extra normal extreme? I think the point was to look like you were a middle-aged white man living in Beaverton, Oregon. (Not racist) 

That moment missed me for sure. Who's really gonna wear a fleece vest, cargo shorts and Skechers to make a statement? Anyhow. This is about as normcore as I'm ever gonna' get.

I call this look - everything is wrong, so it's gotta' be right! 

What you see here are super baggy boyfriend jeans worn with a super tight basic long-sleeve top and BOOTLEG Nikes! Awwwwwwe shit. 

Let's address the elephant in the room (or outfit) These kicks are straight outta' Shanghai China, obviously bootlegged, because this shoe has never existed in the history of Nike sneakers. They were gifted to me because apparently, only I have the "gall" to wear such things. 

Check out the janky construction and stitching, but YES these are amazing! 

Your eyes don't deceive you - those stars in the swoosh! 

For the record (Nike, if you're listening) these were a gift. Don't judge me please. Also, they must be worn. 


These are not bootleg-but they are wild!

Now for the rest of the so wrong - it's gotta' be right look. An ill-fitting jean, anyone? 

Already a "boyfriend" style, but slung super low on the hips, to make it look more "skater-y" is that a thing? These jeans are actually fantastic! By RTA Denim - with the right kind of distressed details. 


And finally - pairing it with a super tight top (only to be worn on the days my tummy is behaving) 

Is it wrinkled? Yes. Super wrong, right? 


So long kids! 

What do you make of this? Leave your thoughts in the comments!