It's me, MAAARRRIIOOOO! Sike, it's just me in a full-out denim, drop-crotch jumpsuit. If you haven't read the story about editorial denim, please know that I'm fully trying to work with denim pieces beyond, ye' ol skinnies and boyfriends. 

Here's today's look, inspired by the denim gallery. 

What you're looking at is an Etoile Isabel Marant jumpsuit worn with a black bandeau and kicks. The jumpsuit un-styled is super unflattering, square and oversized. It comes with a belt to give it shape. 

I did a couple things to take this jumpsuit into what was a comfortable look for me. Rolled the sleeves to the umpteenth power. 

Cuffed the pant legs even more - rolled down, they are baggy and no bueno. 

Then I said "to hell with giving myself shape with the belt. Rectangle is a shape, I'm going with that" Kidding. I just thought it was edgier to wear the jumpsuit low slung on my body and bring the "sex appeal" by showing skin with the bandeau. 

Belt tied to the back for flair! 

Picking up the black of the bandeau with the most comfortable kicks out right now. These were in my sneaker round up. If you haven't check it, click HERE.