Happy New Year! Sat down and wrote all my business, health and annual goals on a big ol' sheet of paper. All the crucial stuff.

A friend of mine shared her goals with me. One part struck me (naturally) as it had to do with having more pride in and more fun with her personal style.

If I had to give her one piece of advice, it'd be to only spend money on clothing that truly speaks to her. No more "oh, this is practical." "I could wear this with a lot of stuff that I have" NO.MORE. That's a sure-fire way to end up with a closet of uninspiring clothing.

The sweater I wore today is a great example of an item that might intimidate folks shopping for a "basic" but to me is the perfect choice.

This Jonathan Simkhai sweater wouldn't be considered a "basic" by most people, but yes it is. It's in the black and white long sleeve category. BUT, let's discuss the parts that make it "other"

First, the TEXXXXTTTTUUURRREE! Check out the fibers standing out every which way. BIG YES.

Another "directional feature" AKA personality, a zipper that goes from the front of the sweater all the way around the back and then front again. Say what?


There's no simpler way to wear this piece, than with all black everything.

Will wear it with something more daring another day. First, I have to convince ya'll that choosing a sweater like this is the right thing to do. Are you with me yet?

Not that you would, but the entire lower, back half of this sweater completely zips off. That's an inspiring touch.

We'll test it out in the spring time. For now, it stays zipped.

What are your style goals this year? Let's just promise to save our money for more interesting, conversation starting garments that actually look good on us, in 2015 Yes? YES!

Wearing Jonathan Simkhai sweater (on sale at OWENNYC) | Zara jeans| Isabel Marant moto jacket & heels