FINALLY! Here's a look at the shoot I produced for my aces at POPSUGAR. As you know I work almost exclusively in video/TV BUT It's hard to pass up a chance to produce a shoot with GOOD FASHUNZ honey!

Working with the Popsugar team is like working with family at this point. Style Director Meg Cuna and Marketing Creative Director Maggie Ha have really elevated the overall look and feel of the brand, bringing such fresh perspective and vision. It's also just a lot of fun working with them!

For this round of shooting NYC was the backdrop and our photog was the talented and tres chic Maria Del Rio of LOLA Creative

Shoot details aka THE "A" SQUAD

Production: Vanessa Beletic | Photographer: Maria Del Rio 

Creatives: Maggie Ha & Meg Cuna | Hair & MU: Fumiaki Nakagawa

Styling: Neelo Noory & Meg Cuna