When it's time to buy basics, my inner voice says "SELF, I know you're looking for basics, but don't just get flat grey shorts and tees. For the love of geranium can you pick things that have SOMETHING textural or visual going for them? " 

Yes. This is my actual internal dialogue. First the full look...

This Alexander Wang tee and shorts were bought 1 year apart from each other and both because they have a stripe motif going for them. They're basics. But not BASIC basics. 

 Now that they're together on my body, aren't we grateful that I listened to my inner voice? The tonal stripe on the tee and the white stripe on the shorts are way more interesting than the truly basic version. No? 

The white stripe in the shorts opens up doors for me, it tells me to continue the white elsewhere in the look, maybe the jacket and shoes? And so goes the inspo!

Check the details on this O2ND jacket (bought from Owen NYC) : zipper going all the way around the collar - the directional choice of white leather, the incorporation of black to bring JUUUUUSSST the right amount of edge to the look. 

Imagine this without the black. Too soft. 

I'm curious about what you all tell yourselves while you're shopping. Partly because I'm curious about process, but also to make sure I'm not the crazy lady with voices in her head. Peaces!

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