Day 2 in the mountains and it's a whopping 6, yes, 6 degrees!

Ya'll know I'm a caribbean gyal. But Telluride, CO is one of my favorite places on earth. BIG TINGS A GWAN in this small mountain town! For now, a very basic outfit worn for window shopping.

No big deal. Just a lot of snow.

The most basic thing to wear, of course - jeans and a sweater. The trick to looking pulled up- basics with fun lines and asymmetry, like this OAK sweater.  Check out how the sweater has a "tail" and is cropped in the front!

A Christmas tree made of skis.

Adorable, no?


Personal Motto: Don't "save" your clothes or shoes for another occasion! Wear them while you can.

Decided to wear pony hair and suede boots... and basically NOT care if they get damaged by the snow. A girl's gotta' live. Plus, the more beat up these get, the better they'll look. 

Socks inspired by the locale. 

Tomorrow, a post about how to minimally pack for a mountain trip!

Wearing J Brand Jeans (similar Levi's) |Oak NYC Geometric Sweater | Isabel Marant boots and coat