Two things.

#1 Promised you a wrap up from the previous post, showcasing the looks that could be pulled together with the minimal packing list.

#2 Many questions poured in about where I put toiletries, makeup, products, to finish the packing.

Let's start with number 1!

Remember, every look is topped off with the same coat and scarf. All looks are about maximizing the other pieces

DAY 1 - Navy shirt + blue jeans + cream sweater

DAY 2 - Red shirt + red sweater + black jeans

DAY 3- Metallic/green sweater + all black everything else + sweater wrapped around waist

DAY 4 - colored jeans + two black sweaters. 3/4 sleeve for day and long sleeve for the evening.


DAY 5- solid red sweater + all black everything + red button up around the waist. 

DAY 6- Navy shirt + blue jean + green sweater again!

There are more combinations that could be made, but you get the point! I felt stylish and different enough all week. 

#2 Where It All Goes

What you see is a Tumi, regulation sized carry on roller bag, fits in the overhead compartment and a WANT Les Essentiels De La Vie tote bag. 

All clothing on the packing list, including 1 pair of shoes, 1 set of workout clothes, socks, sleepwear and undergarments fit in this bag! For. Real. This...

Becomes this...

Makeup,  travel sized toiletries and hair products go in pouches and then inside my WANT handbag. Full sized products won't work with this system. Remember this is a week-long trip!

There is still space inside the handbag for hairstyling tools, accessories and laptop! What do you think? Could this work for you?