When it comes to city trips, I still keep packing minimal. BUT there's a different logic!

Instead of putting 7 random outfits together, which can lead to "too many clothes in a suitcase" syndrome and random looks. I choose one color palette and pack items within that palette to mix and match all week long.

What I end up with is a cohesive collection of separates that will look good no matter how they're paired. BOOM!


4 pants | 5 basic tops | 4 sweaters | 4 layer pieces | 1 thin jacket | 1 coat | 2 pair shoes

PANT BREAKDOWN and PURPOSE 1 boyfriend jean (casual/loose outfits) 1 leather jogging pant (edgy outfits) 1 coated skinny jean (nighttime outfits) 1 sweat pant (stylish/anytime)

TOPS BREAKDOWN  1 green tank | 1 green muscle tee | 1 black muscle tee | 1 black men's crew neck | 1 black V neck - all of these are basic.

SWEATERS BREAKDOWN and PURPOSE 1 black asymmetrical  (edgy outfits) 1 basic mohair (dressy outfits) 1 cropped geometric print (anytime/for interest) 1 green (adds color/anytime)

SPECIAL LAYERING PIECES BREAKDOWN and PURPOSE The point of this category is to spice up the basics. I grab my most fun, bold pieces within the palette! 1 bold button up, 1 long sleeved top, 1 kick ass vest, 1 black button up. Mix and match.

COATS BREAKDOWN and PURPOSE 1 thinnish wool jacket (layering/anytime) 1 coat (overcoat/anytime)

This strategy works for me. Do you see how every piece could work with the others? I threw in a black cashmere scarf and am good to go!