Well, well, well. Here's an outfit to look at. This puppy is all about proportion. What you see here are boxy shorts with a sleeveless quasi-cowl-meets-turtle-neck top with a mesh jacket. Woof.

Kicking it off with these extremely boxy printed shorts, that most people would say have an "un-becoming fit". But the boxy moment is what we're going for today. Shorts, check!

THEN... to balance it (or make myself bottom heavy, not sure what you think) went with this sleeveless action. See how the loose fit of the top meets the short's boxiness? But I'm still socking it ya' with a lot of arm. Works. 

But what happens when I want to show my arms, but also want the comfort of being covered, and need to add a wwwiitttle bit of boxiness to my upper half to (actually) balance the look? MESH JACKET it is! 

Showing skin? Yes. Showing too much skin? No. Adding some sportiness to mirror the sporty shorts? Yes. 

The top has a lovely draped/ruched neck. A touch of feminine in the mix. 

Dunzo, malunzo! 

Wearing Laveer jacket (on sale at EBAY) | Jill Sander wedges | Camilla and Marc top | Vintage shorts