Looking at these elements, I say, surely this it TOO much. But is it really?

Awwwweeee shucks! Makin' it work!

Can we please talk about this jacket? Lawdamercy, when I laid eyes on this thing at a sample sale, my eyes welled up with tears of joy and potential. Baby, this thing is all kinds of hyphenated words that I love:  over-sized, moto-ish, tie-dyed, 80's-esque. 

What you're seeing here is: dress under top. 

All colors in this desert, sand-stone family, just mixing together like nobody's business.

PS: went to shoot the lay down for this outfit,  Mr. @arrowtheheeler had other ideas. 

What say you -into the mix? 

Wearing Isabel Marant jacket | Helmut Lang dress | Otis & MacClain top |Margiela wedges