How often do I wear dresses? Yeeeahhh, almost never. But I can't deny a garment that makes a bold statement, even when that statement is... get ready to be flashed! 

BAM! Take that... Ruffles for days! 

This dress is out of my comfort zone. But I respect it. And so, it must be worn. Check out the great construction and what I think is a super fresh take on ruffles. 

Threw a muscle tee underneath because the cut is very sexy. It also, brings the casual vibes.

Check out the ruffles reaching up into the racer back... SIIIICCCCCKKKKKKK!

An opportunity to balance the femininity of the dress? I'll take it! And add a directional wedge ankle boot. PS - these are statement boots. Don't let the color fool ya'!

Taking the concept of making a "statement" as the inspiration for the look, I'm just gonna' keep one-upping myself and throw on the jacket that requires the most courage to wear. SILVER BROCADE. In. The. Daytime. 

Some things are so good - almost artistically so and they must be worn and appreciated. Will some people look at me a little crazy? Sure. Will some people LURVE it? Yes. This one's for you! 

The thinking behind my styling is that there isn't a single "shy" piece here. Everything is bold, but the color scheme makes it wearable: grey, charcoal, silver, gold and white. 

ya feel me? Leave a comment love hearing from you !