You asked, so I'm spilling the beans. Go-to skin care products.

DISCLAIMER: I don't drink alcohol, soda, smoke or overdo sugar. Pretty sure clean living is my biggest "secret" but I LOVE me some beauty products!

As with all things in my life, the skin care vault is CURATED. I have 1 pair of black skinny jeans... I use 1 moisturizer. I have 1 navy button up shirt... and use only 1 serum.

APPROACH:  Let go of "drawers with multiple, free lotions and potions, that are expired, and kinda' right for your skin, but you can't throw them away, cause it was all free, and here's the eye cream packet you got a while back, but that's now crusted over, but there's still a little in there so maybe you should keep it..."  Nope! Find what works-stick with it until it doesn't.


CLEANSING: Sircuit Skin is an organic, effective, product line with highly active ingredients. It gives dewy, even skin tone. Clarisonic twice daily baby.

EXFOLIANT:  Goldfaden MD. There is no other. Micro ruby crystals leave behind the smoothest, freshest skin. It ain't cheap but YES LAWD it works!

MIST + SERUM: believe in the power of a targeted serum and mist that works for your skin type. For me, it's the Immaculate mist and Sircuit Agent, a combination anti-aging, problem skin one-two punch.

MOISTURIZER + MASK:  Secret Sauce (that's the actual product name) is an insanely wonderful moisturizer that is also breathtakingly pricy. It is the right type of moisturizing, without being heavy.  A little, baby-bit goes a long way. Once a week Pumpkin Pore Youth Accelerator  I look 5 years younger the day after using this.


SUNSCREEN + EYE CREAM: the area where I play around with options. Shiseido for the face, can be used under foundation and is feather light!  Guerlain Orchidee eye cream reduces puffiness, dark circles and fine lines. But I'll continue to test eye creams and screens.

BODY LOTION:  the yummiest body lotion is NOT available stateside. Found it in Germany and am slowly running out. Kurland goat butter massage lotion combines massage lotion with skin care- avocado and Sun Flower oil, a high share in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins A and E.

ALTERNATE:  Alba botanica body lotion. Paraben free and effective. 

Obvious, but worth remembering:

Forget the word regimen. Commit to having a beauty ritual. It doesn't have to be 5 steps, but rituals are nurturing. Good for your skin and your spirit.