People either hate them of love them and there's very little in between: robe coats and jumpsuits! Am I right? In fact when I say the word jumpsuit, either an 80's joke popped into your head, or you said to yourself "Ooooohhhhh, I looove a good jumpsuit!"

As for robe coats, the word robe says it all. You know what's really polarizing? The jumpsuit + robe coat combination.

ANND NOWWW... for your delight and derision... The robe coat samourai look!

This particular jumpsuit is especially shapeless. Simple belt around the waist and a joosh will solve it.

A roll of the cuff, in a "I didn't try at all" AKA sloppy style, for good measure.

Nike dunks... you know what time it is.

Tying the waist band of the coat into a sloppy knot, cinches excess fabric towards the back of my body, not the front.

Listen man! I know it's cold outside! How about layering a jacket UNDER another jacket? Boom.

Went with a shrunken leather hoodie to keep the bulk down. Couldn't wear a leather bomber with this. Would be too much. Also, is the leather elf look in for F/W 14? I might be onto something here. Sike.

Contrast within monochrome makes me cry. The black leather is just the right tough beat for this shapeless blue blob of an outfit.

Bye now.

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