You know, some things are SOOOOO sweet. Like when you do something (wear something) people think you're nuts for doing it and then, oh, I don't know 6 months to a year later everyone's "favorite bohemian designer" starts doing it. SWEET I tell ya! SA-WEET. 

An example?

1) How about wearing wool socks with your high heeled sandals, JUST so you take them into the fall. Yes, I do that. Check it here!

2) How about always going with the POP COLOR shoe instead of the neutral sensible shoe choice? 

3) What about wrapping unnecessary layers on for the sake of who cares? Yes! 

Socks with heels? Behold: 

Toooouggghhhhh!!!!!  And about that pop color shoe instead of the sensible choice? Behold: 

Here's a combo of pop o'color shoe AND unnecessary (but very necessary) layers:

Layered up! 

Other freshness: 

YES to the mustard sweater moment! 

Sigh... listen, if Isabel does it, it must be good right? Kidding. Not kidding.