As a general rule, I don't check bags when traveling. I know, I know, that's an insane personal rule, especially when traveling to the mountains on a winter trip. BUT I've nailed it down to a handful of pieces that can be mixed and matched for multiple outfits.

All of this fits in a carry on: 

PACKING LIST 6 sweaters 2 black, 2 bright, 1 winter white, 1 wildcard.

The black and white sweaters are versatile, will be worn more than once. The brights are great for breaking up the basics. AKA I'll be alternating between black, red and white. 

It's important to have 1 fun, "might not make sense to pack, because it's SO specific sweater," but that's the sweater I'm going to reach for if I get bored mid-week. It's also dressier for dinner.

PACKING LIST: 4 pants  1 blue jean, 1 matte black skinny, 1 color jean, 1 waxed denim.

All of these are safe, simple basics that will keep me covered for multiple looks. The waxed denim doubles as my "night time dinner" pants, because of the sheen. They look dressier. 

PACKING LIST: 2 button ups 1 bright, 1 basic (in this case blue) 

The rule of thumb here is that I'm pushing myself to be bold with the brights. If I went with black or white shirts, it'd be total bores-ville.

PACKING LIST: 3 t-shirts nothing much to say here. All basics.

OK. Here's the crazy part. 2 pair of shoes, the bulkiest pair worn on the plane. The other packed in my bag. Also carried with me, 1 multi-purpose cashmere scarf and 1 heavy coat. 

That's all there is! Now, for cabin life.

Gonna' have to put the proof in the pudding. I'll do a round up post at the end of the week with all my looks!