We'll ignore for the sake of this conversation that it's damn near 90 degrees in LA and embrace the fact that people (me) still have to wear blazers to meetings and that it's November damn it!

Today's meeting necessitated a blazer and pumps vs my usual bomber and sneakers. But personality and taste is important too.

My solution: the edgier choices within those categories. Cuz' that's the kinda' gal I am.

Leather blazer over nude muscle tee. When seated, this is what the person across from me is going to catch. An effortless tee and a no-F'in-nonsense blazer.

Artfully distressed denim.

Color block pumps... death to the all black pump (unless it has architectural details)

When I leave, this is what they'll catch: a tooty-booty and a bun.

So long suckas'!

Wearing Isabel Marant jacket | Alexander Wang tee and blazer (similar) | RTA jeans | Jimmy Choo heels (inexpensive similar)