Olive green, army green, military green, how many items of the same color family can I put on my body? Let's count em'! Here's the full look:

First layer: a silk tank and shorts. Please note the overall rule to this look... it ain't got to match, it just has to "go".

Second Layer: another silk, this time long sleeved. Purpose of this layer: coverage. Check all the great design deets too!

Hanging pieces, oversized sleeve, epaulets, normally I'd say this is too many things, but the basic layer NEEDS a push.

Third layer: a directional vest. Purpose of this layer: provide shape and structure. Otherwise, I'd be drowning in a sea of silky loose vibes. Nothing wrong with that, but I think this is stronger. 

Fourth layer: a scarf. Purpose of this layer: pop of color and playing with length. Without this scarf I'd be a green machine. With the scarf there's more dimension. 

You know what time it is!

PS - I DO have a hat I could have thrown on, but I think we'd all agree I've got plenty "look" going as it is! Am I the only person still doing the head to toe monochrome looks? Talk to me. 

Wearing Isabel Marant tank, shorts, vest and scarf | Dolce Vita long sleeve top | Chloe shoes