Happy holidays! Celebrating with full cabin vibes for the next 5 days. When packing for the snow, I'm into pieces that do double duty. Makes for a less bulky baggage situation. I present to you the scarf/head cover combo. Read on! 

Outfit starts off basic enough... matte black J brands and a sweater. 

In wintry weather, texture is king! Flat sweaters are boooo!

Go-to tweed coat, nothing new. 

But wait! This black scarf, ain't any old scarf. 

It's a TSE cashmere piece, with built in head covering. I'm taking the long scarf pieces and doing a messy wrap around the neck. Making sure to leave wisps of hair sticking out. 

And it's done! One piece for two needs and I don't have to pack a beanie. Hallelujah! 

Wearing J brand skinny jeans | TSE scarf | Isabel Marant Coat (On Sale!)