Knew exactly what I was doing when I bought this jacket. Other than loving the exaggerated design, I knew it would serve a purpose. It would be my "bad face day, ratty haired, no makeup wearing, slept a few hours" camouflage.

This Opening Ceremony jacket was designed to be over-sized BUT I also got it 2 sizes too large. Sometimes, if you're gonna' "go there" you really gotta' go.

Big-ass jacket, meet big-ass shoes. They're chunky and embellished, just like you! For balance.

Another camouflage: braiding ratty hair into a ratty braid. Looks like I "styled it this way".

Sneaky squirrel.

@arrowtheheeler approved! Now everybody sing: " I woke up like this.. I woke up like this!"

Wearing Opening Ceremony jacket | Isabel Marant tank | J Brand jeans | Soulland cap | Chloe heels